Artwork created by Kerry Ann Lee.
Artwork created by Kerry Ann Lee.
A co-production between Auckland Theatre Company, SquareSums&Co, and Oriental Maidens.
Written by Nathan Joe, Directed by Jane Yonge
By arrangement with Playmarket.
Louise Jiang, photo by Andi Crown
Louise Jiang, photo by Andi Crown
An uncomfortable, playful and enlightening provocation on racism and privilege in Aotearoa.

This is a doom scroll disguised as a play: a world premiere from an arresting new voice. A meta-analysis of Asian identity, carved into razor-sharp scenes that cut to the cultural quick. Scenes from a Yellow Peril is less a play, more a series of insights that, when taken together, expose the pain of the way in which some people are othered but whose experience will not be denied.
From award-winning Chinese-New Zealand writer, actor, poet and general polymath Nathan Joe, the work dissolves the traditional play format into a rapid-fire collection of snapshots and observations, flickering past in a rush of live music and hard-to-hear truths.
A dizzying mix of humour and rage, commentary and confessional, this is a theatre experience that packs a punch.
“Heartbreakingly personal, gloriously queer, furiously political and unexpectedly funny, Nathan Joe’s writing is devastatingly acute in its observation of the East-Asian New Zealand experience. I invite you to listen to Nathan; his is a vital voice we need to hear.” – Jonathan Bielski
Production Highlights
To view a recording of the original production, please contact Ankita or Sums Selvarajan
Above photos by Andi Crown
Photos by Abhi Chinniah

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