Official Selection at Outfest Fusion 2022 & Toronto Queer Film Festival 2022
Using three poems, Nathan Joe explores the form of autobiography through performance poetry.
A meditation that explores the vast lived experience between Christchurch and Auckland, between queerness and being Chinese-Kiwi. Where nostalgia intersects with hope to reveal a concise history of a whole self.
Producers: Samantha Dutton & Ankita Singh, Director: Nahyeon Lee, Writer/Talent: Nathan Jow

This experimental documentary was commissioned by The Going West Writers Festival with the provocation to create a ‘moving portrait’ of a local writer in Aotearoa New Zealand. 
Nathan, Nahyeon, Ankita and Samantha were brought together by a shared love of theatre and cinema. 
In Aotearoa New Zealand, there is not much documentation of Pan-Asian creatives, writers or poets - despite the fact that Asian immigrants have been a part of the landscape here since colonization began almost 200 years ago. 
As a team, we wanted to archive Nathan and his unique perspective through the combined medium of film and performance poetry, adding to the Pan-Asian New Zealand canon in the process.

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