Twenty something fun and rowdy South Asians artists will be shaking up Basement Theatre, with First World Problems 2.0 coming to Auckland this October. On the back of the success of A Fine Balance, Prayas Theatre, in association with Agaram Productions and Oriental Maidens, are cranking up the volume to present a multitude of stories with not-so-subtle curry traits bursting onto the stage with the technicolour oomph of a South Asian soap opera.

The debut, which sold out pre-opening, met with a roaring success and was "a bold and rebellious step towards making theatre a more representative space in New Zealand” (Theatrescenes).
It echoed the sentiment shared among the South Asian community: We need to tell our stories, now more than ever.

“The first season was a watershed moment for our community, audiences and practitioners. We want to make sure we respect the legacy of that, and at the same time let First World Problems 2.0 grow and adapt, and cast our nets wider with respect to what we have to say and who we speak through.” — Sananda Chatterjee.

The artists and their works come from varied backgrounds ranging from health professionals to retired English professors, each with multiple worldviews, and will lead you through a chaotic journey that brings forth uncomfortable discussions, their internal conflicts, artistic tensions, and personal highs and lows. 
First World Problems 2.0 is also an opportunity to see the hottest emerging talent in Auckland theatre, including: Bala Murali Shingade (Dara, A Fine Balance), Dylan Thuraisingham (BOYS, A Fine Balance), Gemishka Chetty (Go Home Curry Muncha), Jatinder Singh (I Ain't Mad At Cha, A Fine Balance), and Sneha Shetty (Dara, Legacy Project).

Curated by Sananda Chatterjee (A Fine Balance, Dara, Love n Stuff), the new round of experimental works lifts the veil on mainstream theatre and moves in a different realm of refreshingly contemporary performances.

Experience life in Aotearoa, but this time, from a different lens.
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Created by Natash Iyer
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